Starting Over

At the beginning of this year I was feeling very uninspired and exceptionally lacking in creativity. I started this blog back in January with high hopes that this year I was going to be creative and document it. My husband and I made a New Year’s resolution to make the year of 2010 a year filled with creativity in every way possible. My intention was to use this blog to document my own creativity (whatever form it would have taken), to document things I found to be inspirational to me as a graphic designer (or just as a human being) and to document things I found to be creative solutions to problems (or just creative ideas in general).

Well, here it is in the middle of July and I have yet to accomplish my goal. It isn’t that I haven’t been creative or inspired by anything in seven months. It isn’t even that I have been too busy to post anything. I think it is more or less that I recognize when I am inspired by something but I keep it to myself. It would be much more beneficial to document these things so I am able look back and reflect. Sometimes life gets in the way of creativity and I lose my train of thought. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just look back and remember what inspired me to do something? That was the main goal of starting this blog. So I will start over. I hope that this blog is not only inspiring to me, but to anyone who may stumble upon it.

As my first post (which I deleted because it seemed ridiculous to keep), I shared a clip of a film I saw which initiated my creative resolution. The film Miroir Noir, by the band Arcade Fire, is one of the most creative band documentaries I have ever seen. I was really inspired by one section, a clip of the band performing the song “Neon Bible” in an elevator. This section of the film made me think about some things differently and made me really excited about doing creative and innovative things. I have decided, since I deleted my first post, to share it again.

I plan on posting some things I have worked on so far this year… proof that I did not waste the whole first half of the year. Not today but maybe tomorrow. This time, I will not wait seven months to post something else. I am inspired every day by something and I see creative solutions to problems all around me. So tomorrow, I will post something about something. You wait and see.

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