Recent Work

In May of this year I became an aunt. My sister had a baby boy, Cameron. Here is a photo of Cameron and I just yesterday:

So in April, my mother, sister’s mother-in-law and I threw my sister a baby shower. I was in charge, basically of everything, but more so the design of everything. So in February, I designed the invitations and mailed them out. In March I decided that it would be a wonderful idea to hand craft all of her favors. So after much debate I settled on the idea of constructing 65 two-inch by two-inch rigid boxes and stuffing them with hand poured chocolates. I should have thought of the idea sooner than one month prior to the date of the shower. It was a very difficult task to construct 65 rigid boxes in about a month. I had to cut the boxes out of rigid board (both tops and bottoms), tape the edges to form a box (both tops and bottoms), cut out all of the wraps (both tops and bottoms), apply all of the wraps (both tops and bottoms), design stickers, cut bands, make the chocolates, stuff the boxes and apply the stickers. I was able to pull it off thanks to my wonderful sister (who helped make her own shower favors…), my mother and my husband. It was hard work but everything came together so nicely. Below are a few photos of the boxes and some from her shower:

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