I’m Back!

The (not so) many faces of Sarah R. Butler… a compilation of me sitting at my desk over the last 2.5 years.

So after a few years of abandoning my blog, I am back. There have been a few things that have happened in my life since I last posted.

Thing one:
Shortly after my last blog a took a job at a local community college as a “Creative Design Specialist,” whatever that title means. Basically I took a job as a graphic designer for the Advancement division of the college working on publications for community outreach and awareness. About a year and a half ago there were some changes in the division and I was given some additional responsibilities.  Along with the additions to the job came a title change (how unfortunate that I don’t need to explain what exactly a Creative Design Specialist is/does…) Now, as the graphic designer/project coordinator for the Office of Advancement, I handle all aspects of design project management from the planning stages to designing to handling print vendors. I also manage the contract with our freelance photographer. As the sole creative in my department (one of only two designers on staff), things can get a little isolating.

This is our house shortly after we bought it. It is no longer this color.

This is our house shortly after we bought it. It is no longer this color.

Thing two:
My husband and I bought a house. Back in July of 2012 we moved into our new house and we haven’t rested since. It seems as though we are always doing some sort of home improvement project. As the Lowe’s slogan goes, “Never stop improving.” (We actually had a salesperson sneak this saying in to a conversation once.) An abbreviated list of projects include: scraping and painting the exterior of the house and garage; painting all but one room and a hallway; replacement of a sewer line resulting in a torn up front yard; remodeling the kitchen; installing a new garage door; ripping an overgrown jungle out of the back yard, planting grass and installing a new fence. There are many other things that have come up (plumbing, etc.) but I don’t want to bore anyone.

This is Margot on an outing to the lake.

Margot on an outing to the lake.

Thing three:
We adopted a dog! Her name is Margot and she is such an adorable pooch. She was two when we got her, so she’s around three now. From what we know, she was picked up as a stray in South Carolina and brought up to New York. She was a skinny little thing when we got her but now she’s nice and plump. She loves running in the back yard and she surprisingly loves snow.

I’m sure many other things have happened in the three years that I have neglected posting, including running two half marathons and the birth of my second nephew. All of these changes and additions to my life, the experiences I have every day, inform who I am as a designer and creative thinker. The idea behind reinstating this habit is to document inspiration, creative endeavors and life in general. I’d like to start keeping track of things that influence and inspire me, things that I come across every day or new and exiting things.


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